Street Survival Tactics

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Street Survival Tactics

November 1, 2023 by Rick Grover - Views: 59

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Street Survival Tactics

S680-2.jpgS680-1.jpgThe Gates of Hell opened on October 7th when thousands of demons attacked Israel in a wicked assault on innocent civilians, including families, with many children and elderly victims! The Hamas terrorists tore down large sections of security fencing with tractors while assaulting with RPG rocket propelled grenade launchers, explosives, and a variety of handheld weapons, while simultaneously launching thousands of rockets toward Israel. 

This was a massive intelligence failure on the part of both Israel and the United States. Over 1,000 were killed in the first few days of the attack, many more injured and 222 taken hostage and dragged back into the Gaza strip. Citizens from other countries were caught up in this brutal assault including Americans. At this writing 31 Americans killed and at least 13 still missing! There should be massive demonstrations in the streets protesting the weakness of our government in their response, and instead we see demonstrations of solidarity for Hamas taking place around the world!

Despite the ugliness going on in the Middle East, this article is really about the Homefront, but they are linked directly. Our Southern border is not just open, it’s collapsed and there is no practical control over who is coming in, and what their intentions are. Very few of the 2.8 million illegal border crossings so far this year have been thoroughly screened or rejected for entry into this country. Last year it was 2.7 million! These are just the encounters we know about, not the ones that got through without making contact with our Custom and Border Patrol agents. Even more critical is the level of arrests of terrorists on the Terror Watch List. Just 4 years ago, there were zero terrorist arrests at our Southern border, in 2022 there were 98, and so far this year 169! Folks, this is incredibly significant, and it shows there are terrorists entering our country, and the “political failures” in Washington are keeping this border open and sending illegal aliens anywhere they want to go in this country! No country can survive without borders, and this country cannot survive with millions of illegal aliens invading our homeland. We are experiencing nothing less than a full-scale invasion!

How does this affect you and your family? Just yesterday a Detroit synagogue president, Samantha Woll was stabbed to death outside of her home in Detroit, MI. The investigation is underway, but this is an example of what will be hitting our shores. Domestic threats are growing every day, and we shouldn’t live in fear, but we must be vigilant. Our domestic intelligence services are more inclined to spend their time watching patriotic citizens, parents at PTA meetings and skulking around Catholic churches, than facing the real threats facing America today. No wonder they missed the threats on the world stage. These agencies that were created to defend our citizens, and track down the worst of the worst, have trained their sites on innocent Americans as part of a massive weaponization of our government. The extent of this treason extends across several major agencies and this anti-American attitude has infiltrated the highest level of all 3 branches of our government.

Although I have stressed the importance of training and preparation for years in this column, I would like to focus on the 3 weapon systems I highly recommend you have for home defense. The Armalite Rifle (AR-15) was developed in the U.S.A. back in the 50’s and has become American’s Rifle. It is inexpensive, accurate, and easy to operate. It is not an automatic weapon, or an assault weapon, it is named after the company that developed it. This weapon will allow you to reach threats at a longer distance than a shotgun, which is the next gun on the list. A 12-gauge is the most popular, but a 20- gauge might be more appropriate for younger shooters or women, with less kick than the 12 gauge. Several diverse types of ammo are available for shotguns, and they come in different lengths as well. The 3 most common types of shotgun shells are birdshot, buckshot, and slugs. There are many options for home defense including lower recoil and budget friendly choices. 

Finally, a handgun for both home defense and concealed carry is the 3rd recommendation. There are many choices here as well, several targeted toward women that offer different sized handgrips, lower weight options that are easier to carry, shrouded hammers which allow you to fire the gun from inside the pocket of a windbreaker, etc. Semi-automatics provide more firepower than revolvers, but require a little more knowledge and training to be fully capable with their use. 

For each of these weapon systems, I recommend at least 500 rounds of ammo, 1,000 is better. As I have stressed many times in previous articles, it’s not enough to purchase guns, you must train with them, and learn how to clean and maintain them in good working order. You must also protect younger family members from being able to access the self-defense weapons in your home. This is critically important as well.

We are living in a different world these days and dealing with these threats and being prepared is a personal decision and responsibility, just as it always has been. There are just many more threats now than there were just ten years ago. What will the next ten years be like? Use this time wisely!

Stay safe out there Street Survivors!

Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we are all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we will be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots. 

God Bless America!■

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