Biden and the EPA vs. You and Your Family

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Money Matters

October 2, 2023 by Scott Crosby

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Biden and the EPA vs. You and Your Family

Your cost of living is about to go up – big time.  And it is not inflation causing it, this time.  This pain will come directly from President Biden himself.

Fox News reported (in that “Biden's EPA regulations would be 'catastrophic' for the American food supply" and are, in consequence, "at the expense of the American consumer".

Trucks sold after 2027 will have to meet stringent new emissions regulations, which the EPA estimates will cost between $2,568 and $8,304 per vehicle.  The American Truck Dealers Association (ATDA), however, estimates the cost per truck will be $42,000.  

This big price increase will severely impact the smaller, mom-and-pop companies, whose smaller budgets cannot afford such a big increase in their expenses. As the article states, small businesses make up 95% of all trucking activity.  Many will go out of business – bankrupting owners.

That large increase in the cost of shipping, of course, has to be paid for by those purchasing the goods – you.  

Drive behind your favorite grocery store, early on some weekday morning.  See those semi-trailers unloading groceries?  Guess who ultimately has to pay that $42,000 increased cost per truck?  

It’s the Government against the Economy

Watch prices go up on everything you buy, thanks to the irresponsible EPA – and Joe Biden.

Groceries, clothes, cars, gasoline, housing costs – on top of Biden’s inflation, after 2027 your cost of living will go up.

But that puts a bind on companies which have to raise their prices to meet the higher cost:  they also have to pay employees.  

Will your pay raise match the increase in prices?  If you have to ask the question, then you already know the answer.

Will your raise put you in a higher tax bracket, increasing your taxes?  Do you think the government will object if its tax revenue is increased?

So, thanks to the EPA, your standard of living will be going down.  What road is it that is paved with “good” intentions?  

Thanks to the EPA, the economy – your well-being and life-style – will decline.

When does the government ever do anything that raises your standard of living – that improves your well-being and life-style?

But wait; there’s more . . .  

Any increase in the cost of living automatically increases Social Security payments to retirees.  

Social Security, of course, is paid for by the government.  It is funded by the taxes taken out of your paycheck.  To support the increased cost of Social Security, that tax must go up.

That increased tax means that, raise or no raise, your take-home pay will be reduced.

Thanks to the EPA, acting per President Biden’s wishes, your standard of living and well-being will decline because of increased taxes, combined with the impact of the EPA’s restrictive regulations on the actions of you and others.

Politicians, from a small-town council member to the most powerful leaders of the world’s greatest nations, pursue taking office because they are convinced that their own ability to govern is superior to that of anyone else – or, they simply desire to have political power for its own sake.  

Ultimately, over time even a politician who sought office for the best of intentions and good reasons falls into the belief and conviction that he knows better than any other what needs to be done – that his “expertise” as a politician makes him an expert on whatever subject matter is under discussion.

If a politician needs technical knowledge in support of his decision – from a traffic light in that small town to the question of climate change before a U.S. President, he does not consult experts who will argue against and oppose his efforts.  A politician naturally summons experts whose testimony will support his decision.

President Biden has repeatedly made it unmistakably clear that he is a career politician; that he is convinced that his opinions, choices, and goals are far superior to those of American citizens, and that his decisions are correct, even when they harm the well-being, life-style, and economic success of Americans, their families, and their businesses.■  

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