Street Survival Tactics

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Street Survival Tactics

October 2, 2023 by Rick Grover - Views: 57

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Street Survival Tactics


Greetings Street Survivors!  What do a dart board, rings of a tree and the little waves in the water created when you drop a stone into a pond have in common?  They are all physical representations of ‘Concentric Rings’. Another example of this was provided by Shrek when he described the layers of an onion. In terms of home defense, the outer layer or largest ring would likely be the boundary of your property, and you might have a fence there. This would be the first layer of defensive protection of your home and family. The next layer of protection might be motion detector lights/alarms, surveillance cameras, a dog, or some other living-breathing early warning system like geese! Very loud and obnoxious, perfect early warning system.

Moving closer to your home, the next layer of defensive protection would be the physical structure of your home, including deadbolts, hardwood or metal doors, locked doors and windows, painful landscaping with thorns near windows, alarm systems including the alarm system sign itself, can be a deterrent.

S658-2.jpgThe next layer of protection would be inside your home, and I like dogs for immediate response once an intruder breaks through all the other protective layers of your 360-degree home defense circle. Dogs can be both a deterrent and a solution in thwarting an intruder, but they also buy you time to get your family into a safe roof, to secure a defensive weapon, preferably a handgun, or shotgun, while another family member dials 911. This delegation of duties should be worked out in advance with your family emergency plan. The 911 call should include a loud statement that you have intruders in your home, you are armed and fear for your life, and leave the phone line open, so they can hear what’s happening, and so they can let you know when officers are on scene. This also helps the responding officers know that you are armed. If no one is home, locked cabinets, a gun/jewelry/cash safe also adds to this layer of protection, as well as interior cameras and alarms.

Next time you arrive home, pay attention to the layers of protection you have for your home, look at it with a critical eye, like a possible intruder would. Remember to a predator, your home is a treasure trove of electronics, cash, jewelry, weapons, tools, musical instruments, and to the deviant sexual predators – a prime hunting ground for potential victims.

Another tip when you’re planning to be out of town for an extended period, don’t yell this information to your neighbor over the fence like Tim Allen in Home Improvement, or post it all over your social media, and make sure your kids don’t too! Stop your mail and newspaper delivery and put your lights on timers. We’ve discussed these tactics before, but it’s a good time to review.

Remember that you need to live with your security measures too. If you’re coming home with several bags of groceries, you don’t want to have to cross a bridge over the moat, unlock 14 deadbolts, and keep a pack of Dobermans from running out the door when you finally get in!  Find a happy medium with the emphasis on security over comfort.

Remember, if your only defensive tactic is to dial 911 and hide, you’re a victim waiting to happen, and when seconds count, the police are minutes away at best. YOU are the first responder for your family, no one else, don’t waste this opportunity to be trained and prepared!

Stay safe out there Street Survivors!

Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we are all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we will be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots. God Bless America!

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