Street Survival Tactics

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Street Survival Tactics

September 4, 2023 by Rick Grover - Views: 55

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Street Survival Tactics

S638-1.jpgStreet Survivors…much has happened since the last time we visited together. The horrible loss of life in Lahaina, Maui is all over the news, as it should be. It seems to bring up more questions than answers, the least of which is what happened to the very sophisticated warning system they had? The stories that we have already heard about families trying to escape by any means possible are devastating, with people jumping into the ocean to escape, and taking many hours to be rescued. Why did the electric company keep the power on during a hurricane, knowing a downed line could trigger fires? At this writing 1,000 people are missing and many of those are children. Why did the schools send the children home where they would be by themselves, to die terrified and alone?

Over 2,700 structures were burned to ashes in the village, but one home remained untouched because the family prepared in advance for a wildfire threat like this one. They cleared the trees and brush away from their home, and changed the roof from asphalt to metal, along with a few other changes. Does that sound familiar? The things we talk about on these pages of the Simpsonville Sentinel are for you to consider and apply, if it fits into your lifestyle. Preparation is done in advance, it’s too late when the flames are coming over your fence, or your home is being invaded by those that would do you and your family harm. Life in America is getting serious people, and it gets more unbelievable every year, with millions of invaders coming across both the Southern and Northern borders, and absolutely no solutions coming out of DC. If you ever doubted that your future and your security is your responsibility, then it’s time to take another look. 

Another major event in the news, was the release of a critically important movie, the Sound of Freedom! My wife and I went with some friends to check it out, and wouldn’t you know, the air conditioning wasn’t working in that specific theatre! Yup, I’ve heard of this happening across the country, like it’s a coordinated plan to keep people from watching or enjoying the movie. We toughed it out of course because we don’t have a COMPLIANT bone in our body! If you haven’t seen it or even heard of it, it is based on the real-life story of Tim Ballard, a federal agent working to rescue abducted children from sex traffickers. Operation Underground Railroad was Ballard’s vision to stop sex trafficking and he gave up his federal job when it got in the way of the mission. Excellent, excellent movie.

In February, I presented the first of a 3-part article in this column about a local company that educates and assists in the battle against human sex trafficking here in the Upstate. SWITCH works with local law enforcement, Miracle Hill, the Dream Center in Easley, even Amazon to create a Charity Wish List for the participants in their programs. Curtis Harper is the Director of Switch here in the Upstate, and they offer a class called Sex Trafficking 101 to local churches, businesses, and clubs to help them understand the problem, and suggest viable solutions. I highly recommend contacting him to schedule this important training for your small group, business, etc. Please visit or call 864-350-0281.

There are many challenges taking place on the streets of America that are directly affecting our families, our rights, and freedoms. This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s a full-blown conspiracy, and it will take real Americans to stand up and defend this country we love.  Please be prepared and ready, there are many among us that want to do us harm, and see us fall from within. Let’s be the solution together!

Stay safe out there Street Survivors!

Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we are all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we will be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots. God Bless America!■


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