Several Groups Continue Work On Preserving Our History

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July 29, 2023 by Moonville Mae - Views: 56

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Several Groups Continue Work On Preserving Our History

Ann, Tammy, Ed, Lovelace

School starts soon, the dog days of summer are upon us, high school football practice and marching band practice can be heard, the summer birds start migrating in the midst of all this as well.  Fall, my favorite time of year, is around the corner.  Southern Greenville has much beauty to enjoy year-round and those of us who live here are blessed.  

It is time to get out and appreciate what we have.  So, I am going to share a few things you should get out to see.


First, historic Cedar Falls Park in Fork Shoals was just designated by County Council as a treasured historic site.  Councilman Rick Bradley requested that the park be placed on the county list of protected historic sites.  The Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission will oversee the park and its care in perpetuity now by protecting its historic significance.  If you have not visited Cedar Falls, it is on the Reedy River south of Fork Shoals and consists of the ruins of an 1820 mill and early dam, walking trails and a children’s play area and picnic shelter.  Along with Conestee Nature Preserve, Cedar Falls has become a significant birding area as well.


Next, Fork Shoals Historical Society has begun the restoration of the historic McCullough House at Princeton at the tip of the county.  This 1812 brick structure is the oldest brick building in Greenville County and may be the oldest in the area once called The Nation of the Cherokee.  McCullough’s farmhouse was an inn along the drover’s road from Kentucky to Augusta, now known as US 25 or Augusta Road.  The society has begun removing wooden additions that were built in the early 1900s and clearing trees and wisteria from the grounds.  Fall will bring the restoration of the brick which was handmade and has deteriorated over the past 200 years.  All the exterior brick will have to be repointed (new mortar) which will begin by October.  The house is on Augusta Road just north of Princeton across from Twin Chimneys Landfill.  Best view is from the south side.  We thank our state legislator, Jay West, and the Greenville County Delegation for helping us get started.

Another historical site will soon be recognized by the Fork Shoals Historical Society with more funds provided by Councilman Rick Bradley.  The Chapman Grove Rosenwald School for African American youth will soon have signage explaining the importance of this 1930s facility to the New Pleasant Grove Church and Fork Shoals area off Hwy. 25.  There was once a park across the road from the school that still belongs to Greenville County.  It would be wonderful to bring this small park back into use on Chapman Grove Road.


Finally, Piedmont Historical Preservation Society (PHPS) has completed restoring the exterior of their Piedmont YWCA (1908) and has acquired funding to begin work on the interior.  PHPS will move their Piedmont history museum into the YWCA after completion of the project, hopefully by the end of 2024.  The volunteers at the museum have just completed work on a State Office of Preservation regrant that allowed them to catalogue over 50,000 documents and publish a finding aid to facilitate research into the collection.  The University of South Carolina Upstate has participated in the work by providing interns and professors who are interested in women in WWII.  Some of this work is supported by Greenville County Hospitality Tax funds, Anderson County Council, and private donors.  We thank Greenville’s Rick Bradly and Anderson’s Jimmy Davis for providing the counties’ support.  The YWCA is at 7 Piedmont Avenue, Piedmont.

The last three preservation projects mentioned are still in need of monetary and volunteer support to complete this important work.  The history of Greenville County is rich and should be saved and shared with future generations.  Please look on Facebook for these two societies to learn more about their important work.■

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