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February 20, 2023 by Sandy Sewell - Views: 58

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Letters to the Editor

Hey Sugah! I haven’t commented on the Sentinel in a while but I wanted to say I enjoyed the front page, and love hearing “Tuesday’s with Timmons” on “The Answer” radio to hear what the politicians are up to in Washington. I still use Rick Grover’s tip about leaving a pair of men’s shoes outside the front door...Dean is away on his annual trip to the west coast right now! Last, but not least, Max’s story hits the heart. All of my pets through the years have been adopted, mostly strays. My little S502-1.jpgLenny, terrier mix, had so much personality...when he was being walked, if someone was coming down the sidewalk , he would quickly snatch up a leaf and present it to the neighbor. I am down to one old feller right now, but somehow a friend’s cat has decided to live with me (she is out of town a lot as a Red Cross volunteer) and her husband has recently passed. Sheba has made herself at home and knows how to use the doggy door...loves being outside. Here is Sheba!

Editor’s Note: It’s always so good to hear from our friend and subscriber Sandy Sewell

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