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October 17, 2022 by Ashley McAteer - Views: 64

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I recently experienced the proverbial “punch in the gut” when reading yet another recent news article about the mental health crisis in the U.S. Perhaps this has been exacerbated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but it has been a crisis prior.

It begs the question- Are we doing enough to address this issue? I propose we are not, and much more can and should be done. As I converse with my colleagues in education across the country, I can confirm that schools are burdened with the mental health effects of student depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, and violence, to name a few.

We need to continue to advocate for mental health by contacting our government officials, community organizations, and other entities for support and assistance for those who are suffering. However, we can also do more for our fellow humans, as the little things matter. Check in on your neighbors, keep up conversations, pick up your cell phone and research reputable, meaningful ways to assist.  Did you know that there is a new national mental health crisis hotline number- “988” to call if you or a person you know is having a mental health crisis? Did you know that October 10th is World Mental Health Day?

I do not have all the answers, but I do know that an act of being more understanding, compassionate, and tolerant of each other is something we can all work on. Perhaps with the holidays coming up, we can all make a commitment to take that one small step that will make a difference. Maybe this action will be returned to you in a time of need. Support for humanity can rise above the numerous divisions in our society that we are currently experiencing. Let’s join to support those in need!

Thank you,
Ashley McAteer


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