Why CRT and Woke Are Bad for You

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April 11, 2022 by Scott Crosby - Views: 67

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Why CRT and Woke Are Bad for You

“Oh!  The Utter Agony of My Privilege!”  – Said nobody, ever.

No matter who you are, Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Woke are bad for you.  Skin color, gender, economic level, schooling, religion, where you live, the car you drive, or in any other way you can be sliced, diced, and categorized, CRT and Woke are intended for only one purpose:  to be divisive; to separate you from those around you; to make you resent and dislike other people; to increase conflict; to make you more prone to accept control by someone else – someone who says he can end the conflict – conflict which he and his co-conspirators started.

Would-be dictators cannot incite a mob if everyone is doing well and getting along.  Without a mob, a would-be dictator’s career goals are doomed to failure.  

People who believe they can work to achieve their own success and build their own lives simply do not have the time nor the desire to be part of a mob.  People who want to start a family have no use for a mob.  

For a would-be dictator, peace and prosperity are the enemy.  Smiling, happy people are the enemy.

For a would-be dictator, freedom has got to go.

For a would-be dictator, disrupting peoples’ lives – by any means necessary – is a necessity.  CRT and Woke are simply a means to that end.  

What Is Wrong With CRT and Woke?

CRT and Woke artificially divide people into two groups – and then create mutual antagonism to make that division appear to be real.  

The prime tactic is to make the claim that people of a given skin-color are racist.  But the tactic is applied in the same way to any difference:  gender, education level, and comparative economic levels are all targets, as are any additional targets of opportunity.

The claims are so obviously perverse that serious review or discussion are completely undeserved and unreasonable.  Indeed, that is part of the goal in making the accusations included in CRT and Woke:  to eliminate intellectual consideration and foster unthinking, emotional outbursts that lead to violent, unthinking action.

Social disruption on any level and on any occasion is the goal.

Who Wins When You Take CRT and Woke Seriously?

When people accept that divisiveness, those inciting it win.  Everyone else loses.  Those who want to control an unthinking mob get what they want – power and control.  

Everyone else loses their freedom.

CRT and Woke are just another of an endless series of attacks from the Left – from people who want power – on the freedom and way of life that we have traditionally called “American values”.  

Who is the Left?  

They call themselves Marxists – or Socialists, or Fascists, or Nazis, or Communists; they are all the same.  All are derived from the tenets that Karl Marx put forward in The Communist Manifesto, and in his three-volume exposition, Das Kapital:  in English, Capital - A Critique of Political Economy.  Marxists are the Left.  Proponents of freedom and the rights of the individual are the Right.

Regardless of the Marxist variation or names they give themselves, their goal is simple:  power and control.  Marxists by any name insist that they know better than you how to run your life, and Marx states explicitly that using violence and force are the norm for a Marxist government.  

To Marxists by any name, you are just a cog to be manipulated by them for their own purposes, with no life of your own, and no freedom to choose what you will do with your life.  To a Marxist, you are just a tool to be used as he sees fit.

Marxists are expressly would-be dictators.  CRT and Woke are just little, incremental steps towards their goal of domination.  CRT and Woke are easier for people to accept than outright dictatorship.  But the Marxists’ goal is to get people to take that first step of acceptance into a Marxist world – to destroy freedom and prosperity just a little – at first.

Marxism gives would-be dictators the justification to be dictators, and to do the things they were going to do anyway.  

Instilling Guilt and Resentment – the Farce of CRT and Woke

Look at the details of the leaflet shown with this article:  these are personal, psychological health issues, not social issues.  

To try to twist them into social issues can have only one purpose – not a constructive social environment of amity and harmony, but rather a destructive social environment of discord and social disruption.  By portraying these as social issues, the leaflet’s author seeks to create guilt in one group of people, and resentment in another.  

Take the most prominent example:  “privilege”.  The intent is clearly to divide people into classes, with one in opposition to the other.  

There are many ways to categorize people: rich or poor, by skin color, by gender, etc.  To try to claim that one group has an advantage is only an attempt to convince you to give up; to be resigned to your “fate”.  

Quitters and Achievers

The people who are not quitters – those who never give up, but pursue their goals and dreams until they achieve them – those people put the lie to the way “privilege” is redefined in the leaflet.  Their numbers are not just a small minority:  achievement is available to everyone, and exists for a great many people in America.

The simple fact is that the choice is up to each individual:  to be a quitter, or to overcome impediments and achieve their goals.  The fact that this is a personal choice is demonstrated repeatedly among children of the same parents:  some live their dreams, while some settle for a mediocre life, or worse.  

Privilege (accomplishment) or the lack of it is each person’s choice.  No excuse and no blaming other people changes the fact that the choice is yours, and yours alone.

Take another example:  “Christian privilege”.  With church attendance falling, the number of people who consider themselves Christian is clearly on the decline.  “Christian privilege” rings a bit hollow.  People may be choosing to be agnostic or atheist; others are Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.  None complain about the holidays and time off from work.  

The real issue behind the claimed outcry of “Christian privilege” is purely Marxist:  their goal is to eradicate all religions, all beliefs, and all personal philosophies – to be replaced by the single philosophy of the State, with everyone’s existence devoted, not to their own interests, but to the well-being of the State.

A third example, “heterosexual privilege”, illustrates how the author of the leaflet is attempting to transform personal, psychological issues into a social agenda.  “If you don’t have to explain that your spouse is of the same gender, you have heterosexual privilege,” it says.  Homosexual relationships and marriages are a fact of life, with general acceptance.  Like anything, people have wide ranges of opinions on it; that is normal.  However, if you feel self-conscious about your relationship, or feel you have to explain it, that is a personal, psychological issue.  If it is a severe-enough issue that it impairs your life on a frequent basis, the help of a professional psychologist should be sought out.  

We all have personal traits and interests that are “mainstream” and we all have traits and interests that are “fringe” – unusual or uncommon.  Personal discomfort is a personal issue.

Who Loses When You Refuse to Accept CRT and Woke?

When you reject CRT and Woke, the only losers are those who seek to use those ideas to control you.   They may call themselves Marxists, but the bottom line is that they seek the power to control what you do, what you say, and how you live.

Go ahead:  ruin their day.  Have a good laugh at CRT, at Woke, and at the fools and idiots who want to put you on puppet strings.

The Antidote to CRT and Woke

Several things really destroy CRT and Woke:  thinking for yourself, being independent, building the life you want, pursuing your personal and professional goals, marriage, etc.  And if you have children, raising them to think for themselves and to understand the importance of personal achievement as well.  

Socially, build the world you want to live in.  Say hello to neighbors, get together to have fun with friends, do a good job raising your kids, choose a company that is good to work for:  help make them profitable and successful; avoid companies that are not supportive of personal achievement.  Avoid companies that promote CRT and Woke.  With all the Baby-boomers retiring, the number of job openings is way up.  Choices abound.  Build the right world.

Character-building and Confidence in Yourself

“He’s a loser.  He’s a low-life.  He’s just a follower; a conformist.  He goes along with the crowd.”  

Anyone of whom such things might be said needs to do some work on himself.  That work can be slow and excruciating.  It can take years – even decades.  

But it is worth the effort.  Make the decision to get the job done.  Become the person you want to be.  Good jobs, a successful career, a good marriage, and a life of prosperity and satisfaction depend on you making that effort.  You must build them; they do not come to you without effort.  

It means leaving the naysayers – even seeming friends with negative-attitudes – behind.  It means associating with people you encounter along the way who make good role-models.

Will they be angels?  Of course not.  They will be human.  They will have faults, and they will have virtues.  They will make mistakes.  So will you.  That is why you have to use and refine your judgement.  Pick and choose carefully.  Build the person you want to be; never stop making improvements.

The real privilege is building yourself into a person of integrity and perseverance – a person who stands confidently as an individual, and who overcomes any and all of life’s adversities, external or internal, whatever form they may take.

Marx and the World

Karl Marx lived in the mid-1800s.  Europe was wrought with seemingly endless revolutions.  Kings and royalty fought repeated battles with each other and with various internal rebellions, often fomented by misguided intellectuals like Marx and his co-writer Friedrich Engels, to the point that he was forced to leave Germany, France, and Belgium for England.  While he wrote a number of articles on various subjects for American newspapers, he seemed to focus mainly on slavery and does not address American government, neither contrasting it nor comparing it to Europe’s governments.  

America’s Founders and the World

The real world-shaking revolutionaries lived a hundred years earlier.  

Every government before it and since has been imposed by those in control.  But America’s Founding Fathers created a truly revolutionary government:  a government formed by its citizens, and authorized by them with specific, limited powers.  The new American government was not driven by the power of those in control; it was given a very specific, limited assignment and responsibility:  to defend, preserve, and protect the freedoms of America’s citizens.  Nothing more, and nothing less.  The oath of office taken by every government official reminds them of that fact.

Were America’s Founding Fathers perfect?  Of course not; they were human.  They made mistakes.  But their efforts were unprecedented – the first in all of history.  They did an amazingly good job, which included laying the foundation for future improvements.  

America’s Founding Fathers did such a good job that America’s Constitution still to this day dictates what the American government is allowed to do, and limits the actions of those mistake-prone persons elected to govern – despite the contrary efforts of some.

The United States of America remains today the most revolutionary and most advanced government humanity has ever experienced.  Freedom remains the ultimate pinnacle of life possible to any human being.

Scott Crosby


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