Greenville County Community Relations Council meets at LEC

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March 21, 2022 by Bob Gecy - Views: 71

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Greenville County Community Relations Council meets at LEC


Community Relations Council Members Back row:  Steve McNeely, Sheriff Hobart Lewis, Jim Barbare, Stephen Brown, Scott Crosby (Chair),  
Lazaro Montoto, Kyle Gilley (Secretary). Front row:  Christ Bright (Vice Chair), Idell Koury, Whitney Ferguson, Amy Green, John Edwards.

Not present:  Gidget Carter, James Speed.

The Greenville County Community Relations Council met on February 23 at the law-enforcement center, to introduce the council and recognize the members that are serving. 

The council has been meeting since July 2020. Sheriff Will Lewis and Chairman Scott Crosby thought it was a good opportunity to recognize the council members and review their years’ work and continued dedication to transparency.


Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis addresses reporters and Council
members with Chairman Scott Crosby in the background

Members of the council are serving two-year terms and were nominated by a county council member after being recommended by their community.

In his remarks, Lewis spoke of how the group has been learning about how the sheriffs office works as well as helping to encourage public trust. “Our relationship with the community was not destroyed overnight and it is not going to be repaired overnight. We hope these councilmembers will go back to their districts and represent the people there as well as law-enforcement and kind of help start building that bridge for us”.

Chairman Scott Crosby introduced all council members present and thanked Sheriff Will Lewis and his staff for attending as well as several County Council members. Crosby closed with these words, “The Community Relations Council has been tasked with helping the Sheriff’s Department to foster greater transparency and a stronger public trust between law enforcement and the Greenville County community.  Expect to see us in informal gatherings, church groups, HOA meetings, and civic clubs, as we work towards that goal.”■


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