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February 22, 2022 by Cynthia Horner - Views: 65

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Informed People

Informed people create honest government, and we are finally headed in that direction. 

Pat yourself on the back because patriots are waking up to the realization that we have allowed the federal government to pull the strings! We have been under federal obligation no two ways about it. Over the years, the federal government has become increasingly centralized and coercive, with the use of federal grants. The federal government provides state and local governments about $750 billion in federal grants. Federal grants account for just under one-third of total state government funding. For health care and public assistance federal money is more than half of the state's government funding. Unfortunately, over time, the American public had become increasingly accepting of federal government intervention.

“From the shadows of the Covid fiasco we watched as our Constitutional rights slowly eroded one after the other."

Our federal government was designed to have limited power. It had seemed the Biden administration had all but forgotten that until Biden changed his tune in January, with his statement that the power to deal with health emergencies lies with the states. As a conservative I say that was smart of him. It was smart because it was consistent with constitutional law, it was smart because it supported conservative principles and states’ rights, but it was also politically genius because he couldn’t be blamed for how the pandemic is going.

From the shadows of the covid fiasco we watched as our Constitutional rights slowly eroded one after the other. We had allowed fear to be our master. Now we are witnessing people take their power back, and it is a beautiful thing to see. People are learning to question everything. Being called a conspiracy theorist keeps us from questioning anything. I say question everything! When this health fiasco comes to pass what have we learned? That we must rebuild a powerful state government and pull away from our addiction to federal money.

I am a conservative constitutional patriot, running to be the next Representative to our House for District 27.  I am bold enough to question everything. And bold enough to dare to challenge the growing control federal government has over our state.■ 


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