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September 24, 2021 by Scott Crosby - Views: 49

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Mauldin City Council Candidates

Election Day is November 2nd

For Mauldin residents, candidates will be on the ballot for three of the seven seats on the Mauldin City Council.

Mauldin is growing!  The city is at the center of economic development and population growth in the Upstate.  That growth is happening with or without Mauldin’s cooperation.  To ignore it is detrimental to the city’s residents.  Make sure the next Mauldin City Council will manage that growth with the best interests of Mauldin residents like you in mind.  

All three incumbents are running for re-election.  The three have various levels of experience – from decades to just under two years.  The challengers are all new faces.

S163-1.jpgSeat 1 Incumbent – Taft Matney

Mr. Taft Matney is running for his third term.  His efforts while on the Council have focused on assuring good fundamental services, such as public safety.  Beyond that he has worked extensively to promote and support the economic growth and development of the City.  

Economic growth means better job opportunities for Mauldin residents, as well as better stores and services.  That growth has included two big focal points:  the development of a downtown City Center and Bridgeway Station at I-385 and Bridges Road.  Both will be very beneficial to Mauldin residents.

Mr. Matney also emphasizes the importance and benefit to residents of the growth of the City through annexations.  Those areas annexed in the last several years and potential annexations in the future assure that the City will continue to grow economically.  

If Mauldin were to fail to make an annexation, that area would be annexed by the City of Greenville or Simpsonville.  The result:  a progressively more landlocked, stagnating Mauldin.  Annexed areas include not only homes, but also businesses and stores, meaning a greater variety of jobs and shopping for Mauldin residents.

Mr. Matney is running unopposed.  


S163-2.jpgSeat 3 Incumbent – Jason Kraeling 

Mr. Kraeling works as a project leader for engineering projects at General Electric.  

As Chair of the Council’s Public Works Committee, he is most concerned about the City’s infrastructure, including stormwater issues and reducing flooding.  That has included a better maintenance policy for drainage ditches along City-owned streets – particularly those in developments along Ashmore Bridge Road.  3500 feet of drainage ditches have been cleared of sediment this year.  The City has also purchased a “jetback” truck, which can clean branches and leaves out of culverts, manholes, and drainage pipes.

The construction of the Swamp Rabbit Trail from Greenville down through the Golden Strip will be a big boon to Mauldin’s economic growth.  Mr. Kraeling is focused on ensuring  that  the City adheres to the codes and standards for the Trail while being fiscal responsible.  The Trail’s bridge over I-385 into the Bridgeway Station development will be a terrific attraction, and is certain to draw visitors from Greenville County and elsewhere into Mauldin.


S163-3.jpgSeat 3 Challenger – Rachel Putman

The challenger for Mauldin City Council Seat 3 is Rachel Putman.

Ms. Putman, her husband, and her two sons have  lived in Mauldin for 25 years.  While growing up, her sons played in Mauldin Rec sports.  Ms. Putman is the Vice President of Human Resources and Community Mission for Goodwill Industries, and is an active member of the Rotary Club.  Ms. Putman believes she is at the best time of her life to be on the City Council, and to “give back” by helping Mauldin to grow and develop in the way it should.

Her job requires Ms. Putman to be highly analytical, a skill she believes will be invaluable as a member of the City Council.  Applying her knowledge of demographics – who lives in Mauldin – gives her an excellent perspective for understanding and working with diverse populations.  

She sees as important areas of her responsibilities the ability to listen and observe, and to bring fresh ideas and perspective to the Council.   She is a strong advocate of continuous process improvement and future planning.  

Ms. Putman believes how Mauldin shows itself to communities and to people is important.  She is convinced that Mauldin’s status as one of the safest places to live and its inclusiveness as a city will both help economic development.  One of her goals as a member of City Council would be to assure that public safety – police, fire, and judiciary – recognizes and appreciates diversity in the community.


S163-4.jpgSeat 5 Incumbent – Dale Black

Mr. Dale Black is the longest-serving member of Council.  Mr. Black feels very strongly that his focus must be on improving the lives of Mauldin residents, primarily through economic growth and development, as well as through services provided by the City, such as parks, athletic programs, and the Cultural Center.  Economic development means better jobs without having to commute outside the City, as well as a greater variety of stores, restaurants, and other businesses being available in Mauldin for residents.

Mr. Black emphasizes the need for Mauldin to continue its growth, not only economically but through annexation of areas adjacent to the City.  The benefit of those areas being managed by the City will work to the current residents’ benefit  If they were to be annexed into Greenville or Simpsonville, those cities would have their own priorities, which would not necessarily benefit Mauldin’s residents and businesses.


S163-5.jpgSeat 5 Challenger – Frank Allgood

Mr. Frank Allgood has lived in Mauldin since childhood.  He is currently Vice President of Relationship Development at Your Marketing Company, which serves Credit Unions across the country.  

Mr. Allgood’s desire to run for City Council arose from an interest in how to attract young adults like his children to settle in Mauldin.  He believes it is a time for new leadership for Mauldin.  In his own words, it is time for someone who “embraces inclusivity,” brings “transparency in government,” and “brings new leadership, and a new perspective.”   

Mr. Allgood says it is important to recognize what Mauldin already has, and which commercial properties and the businesses they house need refurbishment and revitalization.  Annexation is fine, Mr. Allgood believes, when communities want to be annexed in.  

Mr. Allgood’s business success has made it clear to him “what it takes to ensure a community is successful, has the right infrastructure, and that it is attractive to small businesses.”  As a marketing professional he wants to focus on how Mauldin is positioning itself for the future, and to “make sure that we are telling the story that it wants to tell.”

Mr. Allgood is also interested in seeing Mauldin expand its youth sports program.  He also wants Mauldin to work more on a beautification master plan for the community as a whole, as well as a storm-water project master plan.

“Just because it’s the way it’s always been done, doesn’t mean that we need to continue.”


S163-6.jpgSeat 5 Challenger – Travis Reeder

Mr. Reeder is a small business owner.  He and his wife Sabrina have a son and two daughters.   

“I like to be straight to the point,” he says, “and not overtalk.”

M. Reeder recognizes that with many younger people moving into Mauldin, Mauldin is changing.  He believes it is important for the City Council and government to be aware of the city’s growing diversity.  

Mr. Reeder believes it as important that Mauldin manage its growth, and not allow that growth to manage Mauldin.  Mauldin is changing, he says, and we need to embrace that change while still maintaining our values.  That means coming up with answers – not “It can’t be done.”  

Embracing change includes a police force that does more community policing.  Many people, he feels, are still hesitant to talk with a police officer.  He believes there should be more camaraderie between the City’s residents and members of Public Safety.  He would like the role of Mauldin Police to be seen as including more than writing tickets and making arrests.

Mr. Reeder sees Mauldin’s Parks and Recreation facilities as being positioned to make a large contribution to Mauldin’s growth.  As a former football coach and kickboxer, he sees sports as avenues for helping kids in the development of their life skills.  He would like to entice more sports organizations to hold their tournaments in Mauldin.   He believes more tournaments would support the growth of hotels and restaurants in Mauldin, which would bring more jobs and money to Mauldin, rather than to Greenville and Simpsonville.  

Vote for Your Candidates on November 2nd !

The voting is likely to be close!  Your vote can make all the difference!  Vote November 2nd for your choices for the Mauldin City Council!■

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