Informed People

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June 6, 2022 by Cynthia Horner - Views: 14

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Informed People

One thing is unmistakably apparent, our government is broken. We the people are motivated to fix the brokenness. The question is, how can we do this. We recognize what has not worked in the past, but how do we move ahead without repeating the same mistakes. We need to think government differently and do government differently.

In the past we trusted politicians who said they know best. These are the people who have been at the helm as we have watched the erosion of our freedoms. Now we are aware we have been played. Once the magicians’ tricks are exposed the observer can no longer be fooled. We the people have caught on to them. We can no longer be fooled.  Our government is not operating as the beautiful Representative Republic our forefathers designed it to be. Our government is being run at all levels by people with a lust for power and money. We know our elections have been rigged for years. Our founding fathers rebelled against taxation without representation, but that is exactly what we have. 

How do we think government differently and do government differently? 

1) We need to know who our adversaries are and call them by name. The Democrats think it is the Republicans and the Republicans think it is the Democrats. Our enemy’s names are Globalist and Socialist and those going along with them or pushing their agenda. These are the people saying you will own nothing and be happy. They want to destroy our Constitution and destroy the world with domination.

2) We don’t let career politicians run the show. We the people stay engaged in our governance and choose from among us, people of virtue and wisdom to take a turn serving us in our government.  Don’t confuse being patriotic as being political.

3) Instead of identifying with a party, identify with principles, ideas, and ideals.

4) We must become informed voters. Skipping the primary election and voting straight party ticket in the general election in November is a recipe for disaster as we have seen in our past. It takes time to ask about the candidates and attend rallies and forums where they are presenting their views.

5) Most of all question everything. To be informed we must not be afraid to ask questions, and then question the answers. 

Don’t be discouraged by the brokenness of our government and of our world – it can be healed. This is the time. The perfect time for us to join together to create honest government, and to fix what is broken.■


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