Street Survival Tactics

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June 6, 2022 by Rick Grover - Views: 15

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Street Survival Tactics

S355-2.jpgOur topic today has been planned for weeks, prior to the horrible events at Uvalde, Texas, and the senseless, tragic loss of innocent life. This may be the most crucial time to discuss it, so hold onto your seats.

After 11 years of writing this column for the Simpsonville Sentinel, we have focused on every threat imaginable against you, your home and your workplace. What happens when the threat comes from within the four walls of your home? The threat of attack from a loved one, family member or close friend is a very real possibility and happens every day. 

Domestic abuse is the reason I started training in martial arts so I could protect Mom, my younger brother and myself. Back in the 1960’s, women had many fewer options for assistance than they do today. You could speak to your minister or a close friend, but when the physical abuse got bad, you would have to call the police. And if they calmed the situation down, the abuser seldom did a night in jail, usually just a night at a hotel to cool off. 

S355-1.jpgWhen you experience abuse, both physical and mental, it is NOT OK, and it may spread to your children as well. When the environment is that volatile, it is hard to know what the triggers might be, from drugs, alcohol or just a bad day at work. Domestic abuse can be very deadly, and it must be taken seriously to survive and escape. A safety plan is vital in case the abuse escalates, and you need to find a way to secure both you and your children. 

Although the Greenville/Spartanburg area has many different programs available to assist abused women and children, I am focusing on one that I think offers a wide range of services and assistance as well as a great reputation.

Safe Harbor has a HELP line available 24/7, at 800-291-2139. The services include emergency safe shelter, counseling, advocacy, support groups, safety planning and other supportive services. All services are confidential and free of charge!

Do not feel like you’re all alone, or that you may deserve the punishment so you can keep your family together, or for financial reasons. Defend yourself using the same techniques we would use against an unknown assailant on the street, and then seek professional help from reputable organizations like Safe Harbor. Counselors can guide you along the path, that too many women have taken before you.

Although I have little faith in restraining orders and orders of protection, they do have a role and can assist in some circumstances to bring the right help in your direction. If you know someone that needs help, please do not hesitate to contact Safe Harbor at 800-291-2139 because you could be saving a life.

Get Involved and keep training Street Survivors!

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