Moonville Mae says school is out

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June 6, 2022 by Anne Peden - Views: 15

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Moonville Mae says school is out

Moonville Mae says Schools Out!  There are a number of museums in Greenville County!  This summer would be a great time to visit them all.  Everyone is acquainted with the great museums in downtown Greenville, the County Art Museum, the History Museum, the Sigal Music Museum, and of course, the Children’s Museum.  But there are other history museums you may not be familiar with.  


Handmade County document
from 1805

For instance, there’s a Traveler’s Rest Museum run by the Traveler’s Rest Historical Society.  It is in an old store building for right now, but will soon move to the historic Spring Park Inn downtown just off the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  There are great things to see and do in TR, as well as great restaurants.  

Other towns with history museums, include Greer, Simpsonville, and Ft. Inn.  Fountain Inn has been a forerunner in the historic museum efforts in Greenville County.  A number of years ago, they put a great deal of funding into their building just off the Main Street, each year funding a curator and programs and displays.  And their downtown is revitalizing with new clothing shops and places to eat.  The Fountain Inn main drag has lovely historic houses to enjoy as you drive down and parking is convenient as well.

One museum of note is Laurens County History Museum just down the road a piece.  It is not to be missed even if it’s not in Greenville County.  

Volunteer intrigued by the love letter
from three wars,
Civil War, WWI, and WWII.

This museum is in a newly renovated store building on the Laurens square across from the Court House.  The rehab of this museum building is just beautiful!  They have some great collections including a fine collection of Native American arrow heads, points, and tools.

The history museum I’m most familiar with is in Piedmont though.  It’s small for now, but growing rapidly!  It is currently housed in the Piedmont Community Building on 3 Main Street and is open on Tuesdays from 10 to 2:30.   Run by the Piedmont Historical Preservation Society, we have collections dating back to the 1790s, textile mill artifacts, textile sports artifacts, and local farming related documents.   The Piedmont Manufacturing Company established the town of Piedmont in 1874 and it is being restored.  Within a year the downtown will have coffee shops, restaurants, shops, and a new museum in the historic YWCA building (more on that later).  

This all-volunteer group is being led by a Smithsonian trained young man who recently moved to Moonville.  Joe Hursey is saving the historic documents and cataloguing everything to provide easy access to the amazing papers and artifacts that have been donated.  Come by to see what is going on!  We have lots of visitors each Tuesday.  We’d love to see you this summer.  We will also be having a program on Sunday, June 26th 2pm led by Joe Hursey on the history of brewing in the US, one of his interests.  

Do a staycation this summer and visit the local museums!  Check out websites and Facebook pages for more information.

Historically yours,

Moonville Mae
Anne Peden, Phd.
Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission
Fork Shoals Historical Society
Piedmont Historical Preservation Society■


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