A report from our Councilmember Aaron Rupe

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May 9, 2022 by Aaron Rupe - Views: 27

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A report from our Councilmember Aaron Rupe

Hello Simpsonville!  I wanted to let you some of the things that have been happening in our town for the last few weeks…here’s the news!   A few weeks ago, SCDOT hosted a ‘town hall meeting’ inviting the public to come and look at drawings of the upcoming changes that will be affecting some of our streets downtown.  Some of the streets will be changing from two-way streets to one-way streets.  The charts, drawings and videos showed how traffic will hopefully flow better.   This was voted on by Council before my time.  I attended this meeting and heard many people share their concerns with me about this.  Hopefully those that have been involved with this for the past year, will indeed solve a lot of our traffic problems.  I spoke to a representative from SCDOT while I was there and shared my concerns as well, but he assured me that these plans will work and will help solve some of our traffic issues. 

The other big thing that happened was the architects that the city hired presented to Council a few weeks ago a 3-D view of the new Town Hall, Summary Court Building and Fire Station. Again, this too was voted on before my taking office.  The construction will take place where City Park is currently and will start in the next year. It’s going to cost a lot of money but so would the current buildings if the city chose to stay in them.  The current Simpsonville City Hall and Simpsonville Police Station require quite a bit of money for upkeep.  The buildings are extremely old and replacing them with new buildings has been a matter of discussion for the past 10 years among several different councils.  

The park will add several amenities that the current park does not provide.  The park will also allow for smaller concert type events as well as the Farmer’s Market and quite a bit of green space.  Ideas of a splash pad are being discussed as a possibility as well.   It was posed to me this week requesting a bike park in this area as well.  I will be meeting with the City Administrator to ask about this option.  

It’s been a pleasure working for you.  So far, I have endeavored to keep my promise of cutting where we can and accounting for every dollar spent.  I will continue to be cognizant of this especially with the construction that will be taking place in the next year.  

Please, let me know any feedback that you might have on these issues above, or anything else that I might be able to do that would help you.  

Here is some exciting news!  Outback is coming to Simpsonville!  It will be located at the site of the old Ruby Tuesday’s building on Fairview Road and Grandview Drive.■ 

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