Mauldin Sports center announces Survival of the Fittest winners

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April 11, 2022 by The Simpsonville Sentinel - Views: 213

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Mauldin Sports center announces Survival of the Fittest winners

S298-1.jpgMauldin Sports Center just finished hosting their Annual Survival of The Fittest challenge. This challenge is designed to help participants achieve any goal—big or small—over a 6-week period. Participants attended 3 different group fitness classes outside of the mandatory Saturday class and participated in weekly challenges to learn correct form of an exercise by the end of each week. For example, in the first week we focused on a push-up.  We provided cues on how to complete the exercise at a level 2 (standard) and modifications for level 1 (beginner) and level 3 (advanced).

You might be thinking, “this sounds intimidating,” but hear us out: we understand schedules may only allow you to attend the ame 3 group fitness classes, however, it is highly suggested to try something different. In addition, all our group fitness instructors are trained to provide additional modifications to make a particular exercise easier or harder.

This challenge is made for ALL fitness levels.

We had the pleasure of watching over 18 people conquer new obstacles and reach goals in this year’s challenge. As we want to verbally congratulate them, we also want to recognize our top 3 winners: Simone, Andrea, and Melanie.

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