Moonville Mae praises preservation in Greenville County

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December 20, 2021 by Moonville Mae - Views: 43

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Moonville Mae praises preservation in Greenville County

Most of you know I’ve worked with several groups in the county to share our history in Southern Greenville County for a number of years now.  Christmas brings me much nostalgia about the times of my life and my immediate families’ as well.  Each day when I rise, I am blessed with the view of my families’ 1880 farmhouse.  It is the glue that brings cousins from far and wide to breakfast each December.  This tradition has been carried on for tens of years from our parents cooking to our cooking and this year that job was passed on to our children. 


We were so blessed Saturday morning to find that those younger folks can carry on and that they can actually cook the bacon to a tee.   And most importantly, they want to keep up that tradition.  Forty cousins gathered for a breakfast feast!  Thank you for loving the place of our deep roots that we call “The Big House”.  

Memories there fill the minds of us seventy-year-olds when our grandparents were celebrating Christmas with us.  The road passing through the farm wasn’t paved until the 1930s but the family was here by 1825.  We cousins love this farm and we want it to stay a farm forever. 

S227-2.jpgConstantly we lose these houses and barns and historic stores.  We lose them to growth, to people who don’t have roots here, to developers who are after the money, and to our own apathy.  We need to step up and put our historical memory into the forefront as important to who we are and where we should go into the future.  The Road to Augusta south of Moonville to the county line at Princeton, for example, has over 100 habitable houses that are at least 100 years old or older.  The sites along this corridor need preservation as historic and as the homes of key leaders in the early growth of Greenville County.  There are other such homes still standing all across Southern Greenville that need to be recognized and saved.  Developers don’t know or care.  For more info on Augusta Road, purchase our text supporting the restoration of the McCullough House along this important byway at

Property owners must step forward to make preservation work.  The following opportunity for conservation of your site doesn’t prohibit it from being sold, but the buyer must not demolish the building or drastically change it in the future, especially pertaining to the exterior.  Many buyers want to purchase such properties that are beautiful or can be restored to their lovely original construction.  Just visit the Spring Park Inn in Travelers Rest or the Wilkins House on Mills Avenue.   Or notice restorations by individuals across the county and thank them for their care for our history.

S227-3.jpgThere are several groups in South Carolina that will work with you to make your wishes happen.  Included are Preservation South Carolina and the newly formed Upstate Preservation Trust.  Just google these for more information.  Also, visit Upstate Forever to learn about conservation easements on farm property which can provide funds to the family while conserving the rural view.

The Greenville County Historical Preservation Commission appointed by the County Council has been working for over half a century to support historic sites and history in our county.  The Commission has the ability to aid in the preservation of your historic buildings.  If you have a homeplace, barn, grist mill, store building or Native American site that you want preserved in perpetuity, please contact me at and the Commission will help make that happen.  Go to the following website to see other sites that are already conserved and the application.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday with your family and share your history with your children and grandchildren to teach your historial memory to the generations that come.  God Bless!

Anne Peden, Phd.
Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission
Fork Shoals Historical Society
Piedmont Historical Preservation Society■

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